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At Eyra, we are honored to bring you food that has been raised ethically to deliver flavor and nutrition.

When you buy from Eyra, you can can be sure that product was treated with love, respect and gratitude

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growing goodness, delivering happiness


We aim for excellence at every stage: from choosing superior breeds and varieties, providing VIP care, to meticulous handpicking, processing, and delivering utmost freshness and quality.


We strive to make your shopping as effortless as possible, offering a wide assortment, multiple ways to learn more about our products, order, pay and receive your orders


Everything we do is working with nature, striving to leave as less of a carbon footprint as possible. We pasture raise everything, with constant rotation, giving our animals the best life possible


We are passionate about what we do and are proud of our products. We are open if you would like to visit, chat about our growing practices and discuss new products or recipes

Health for Everyone

Our goal is to make healthy eating as accessible as possible. We try our best utilizing reusable packaging, minimizing external inputs & optimizing processes. It also helps when you buy directly

Cultivating Community

Our dream is to form a community who embrace regenerative practices with the combined mission of cultivating a wholesome sustenance, and nurturing awareness and inclusivity

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